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Tilray 2:100 CBD Cannabis Oil


Tilray 2:100 CBD Cannabis Oil

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2.1 mg/mL


106.4 mg/mL

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  • 2:100 CBD Cannabis Oil from Tilray is a very high CBD cannabis oil extract suitable for oral ingestion and/or for use in food products. 2:100 CBD Cannabis Oil extract is mixed with a coconut carrier oil. This product cannot be smoked or vaporized. Tilray states that the terpene percentages for cannabis oils are low, and as such, they are not reported at this time.

    The product image and label are provided for illustrative purposes only. The potency and concentration of this product may vary by batch.

  • How to take High CBD Cannabis Oil

    Easy to incorporate with food or ingest on its own, Tilray 2:100 High CBD Cannabis Oil is mixed with a coconut carrier oil. Each bottle of Tilray Cannabis Oil comes with an oral syringe for accurate dosing.

    To use, you can simply put the measured amount under your tongue and let the oil rest there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. The medicine will then pass through the intestinal tract like an edible. Oral absorption can take anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes for onset, but it remains in the bloodstream like an edible, six to ten hours. Alternatively, Tilray Cannabis Oils are easily added to coffee or tea, smoothies, salad dressings, or other fat-rich foods. When consumed with food it generally takes one to two hours for CBD to be metabolized, but then the cannabinoid stays within the body for about six to ten hours.

    For best results, take this product at the same time every day, with food. Having food in the stomach will help improve the absorption of CBD.

    Effects from Tilray 2:100 may occur days to weeks after beginning treatment and is dose-dependent. 

  • Why is there THC in this product?

    Sometimes, but not always, high-CBD cannabis medicine can include a small amount of THC, like this Tilray 2:100 High CBD Cannabis Oil. The entourage effect is a theory that suggests cannabis works better as a whole with all its cannabinoids intact, rather than just one chemical compound in isolation. In other words, CBD works better when THC is present, in addition to other chemical compounds such as terpenes and even flavonoids. Interestingly, CBD can also block THC at the receptor site, inhibiting feelings of euphoria or a “high”. For this reason, a small ratio of THC is often well tolerated by patients without uncomfortable side effects.

    Does CBD have side-effects?

    Although considered non-intoxicating, CBD does affect the body and brain. Side effects noted with high-CBD cannabis can include nausea, fatigue, and irritability. It can also interact with some medications, particularly blood thinners and also some antidepressants and pain medications. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any cannabis medicine, including High CBD Cannabis Oil.

    What is the right High CBD Cannabis Oil dosage?

    The right amount of CBD for any given patient is for a healthcare practitioner to determine because factors such as the patient’s age, gender, health history, and current medications all must be considered. It’s also worth noting that all cannabis medicine has a biphasic or bidirectional effect, which means a high dose isn’t necessarily better at easing symptoms than a low dose. In fact, a higher dose of medical cannabis may even have the opposite effect of a lower dose. If you have a health concern you think could be managed with CBD, your best route for success is to make an appointment with a cannabis-trained healthcare provider.

    To find out if this product may be appropriate for you, speak to your physician. Gradual titration and ongoing assessment is recommended to evaluate response. During the use of Tilray 2:100, patients should be under medical supervision to help assess the potential positive effects or negative side effects of use.

    About Tilray

    Tilray oils are manufactured in their flagship GMP-certified facility in Nanaimo, B.C. Our teams extract the delicate cannabinoids from a mix of high-CBD cultivars using ethanol cold extraction methods. The result is then filtered to produce a broad spectrum, gold-coloured oil. All products are tested in-house and by third-party labs to ensure accurate cannabinoid content and exceed standards set by Health Canada.

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Huiles, capsules et vaporisateurs oraux de cannabis médical pratiques et discrets dans une gamme de combinaisons et de concentrations de cannabinoïdes.
Combinaison de “sativa” et “indica”. Produit un mélange d'effets.
CBD Dominante
Est un produit à dominance CBD avec un taux de THC qui pourrait être inférieur à 2%.

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Des études sont en cours pour déterminer l’efficacité du cannabis dans la prise en charge des symptômes de nombreuses conditions. Des études ont montré que le cannabis médical est couramment utilisé par les patients souffrant des symptômes accompagnant diverses conditions, notamment l’anxiété, la douleur, l’inflammation, le manque d’appétit, la dépression, les troubles du sommeil, les nausées, les convulsions et l’hypertonie spastique (contractions involontaires et continues de certains muscles). 

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