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About Redecan

Amongst other cannabis producers, there are three things that stand out about RedeCan.  

The first is the company’s history in agriculture. With over 3 decades of agricultural experience, there is no question that Redecan knows how to grow top quality cannabis. RedeCan follows strict policies on cleanliness, sanitary conditions and production practices. For example, all plants are fed with clean, fresh water from a deep well; all controls are managed through biological controls, such as beneficial insects like ladybugs or pest specific biologicals; and  staff wear protective clothing and facility specific shoes that are not worn beyond our facility doors. 

The second thing that stands out about RedeCan cannabis is the importance of family. RedeCan is one of the very few private, 100% Canadian owned and operated companies in the cannabis industry and extends its family-oriented approach to its staff, patients and customers across Canada. When you become a Redecan patient, you are considered part of the family. 

The third thing that really differentiates RedeCan is their regard for medical cannabis patients. Redecan holds the philosophy that everyone should be able to purchase high quality cannabis at reasonable prices, and believes in the importance of financial accessibility for its medical patients. These values are reflected in their pricing of medical products.

Redecan Products

Cannabis Médical de Shoppers is proud to carry RedeCan’s medical cannabis product line-up including some of the first cannabis pre-rolls that are available to patients on the Shoppers Medical Cannabis portal: 

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