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À propos de LivRelief

LivRelief is a well-known pain-cream brand, used by millions of customers across North America to fight pain quickly by penetrating directly at the source of the muscle, joint pain or nerve. The original version (without cannabis) is sold on Shoppers’ shelves across Canada. 

Many of LivRelief’s loyal customers don’t know that LivRelief is also available in versions that include CBD and THC cannabinoids at Medical Cannabis by Shoppers. 

The original LivRelief brand was developed by Dr. Joseph Gabriele (‘Dr. Joe’), as he tried to find a solution that would put an end to his wife’s chronic struggle with debilitating pain. A trained molecular pharmacologist, Dr. Joe created a unique, plant-based solution that leveraged Delivra™ technology to reach as deeply into the muscle as possible to relieve pain.

Crème Liv Relief avec CBD et THC

In 2020, with Dr. Joe’s blessing, Canadian cannabis Licensed Producer United Greeneries launched LivRelief Transdermal Cream in two formats - the first containing 250 mg of CBD and a second containing 125 mg THC and 125 mg of CBD. These were also the first cannabis-containing creams available to patients at Medical Cannabis by Shoppers. 

Both creams are made with Delivra technology, enabling deep penetration and skin absorption and controlled release of active ingredients directly to the target area. 

Each are plant-based and made using natural ingredients. Learn more about LivRelief cannabis-containing creams: 

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