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À propos de Foray

Foray has been designed as an accessible entry point for anybody—at any stage of one’s cannabis journey.

According to Foray, they are: “Designed for the curious, Foray aims to both celebrate and educate one’s foray into cannabis, ultimately inviting consumers to see cannabis differently. Foray is not only a trusted cannabis provider, it’s a partner, a guide, and a facilitator of desired experiences.”

Produits Foray

Foray products include the following - 

Made with a sativa/indica blend, Foray chocolates are expertly formulated and manufactured by Canadian producer Dosecann using high quality cannabis distillate.

Soft Chews:
Foray has a range of delicious soft chews that are gluten free & uses traceable ingredients.

Made with high quality cannabis distillate, Foray’s handheld vapes are available in sativa (strawberry ice), indica(blackberry cream), 1:1(mango haze) and CBD(mango haze) formulas. 

Foray’s cannabis extracts are formulated by leading Canadian producer Dosecann. Their vape pens are tested rigorously to ensure high quality, discreet dosing. They contain only two ingredients: cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes. ​

Cannabis Médical de Shoppers carries these fine Foray cannabis products:

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