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Medical cannabis for
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Cannabis Edibles: The Complete Guide

Patients looking for an alternative to smoking or vaping might find cannabis edibles are a better option. Here is some important information about consuming cannabis medicine as food.

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Multiple strains



Cannabis products labelled as “sativa” may cause less drowsiness than products labelled as “indica”.



Combination of “sativa” and “indica”. Produces a mixture of effects.



Cannabis products labelled as “indica” may cause more drowsiness than products labelled as “sativa”.

Different forms

Dried CannabisDried Cannabis

Dried cannabis

Recommended for vaporization. Takes effect quickly and lasts for a shorter time.

Cannabis oilCannabis oil

Cannabis oil

Recommended as an ingested form. Takes effect slowly and lasts longer compared to dried cannabis.



Another option for ingesting cannabis oil. Takes effect slowly and lasts longer compared to dried cannabis.

Questions & Answers

What if I’m sensitive to THC?

CBD can offset the effects of THC in addition to having beneficial effects of its own. So if you are sensitive to THC, choose products higher in CBD.

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What are the possible side effects?

Each person reacts to cannabis differently. You can manage side effects by adjusting your dose and strain of cannabis to find what amount and balance of THC to CBD works best for you.

What if I want to switch strains or classes of cannabis?

We offer a wide range of medical cannabis products from a variety of licensed producers.

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Is medical cannabis covered by my provincial or private drug plan?

Medical cannabis may be covered by your health insurance, depending on what condition you use it for. Medical cannabis is covered for Canadian veterans through Veterans Affairs Canada.

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You’ll need a medical document

To purchase medical cannabis products, you will need to register and provide a completed medical document signed by your healthcare professional.

Three simple steps

  1. Register

    Register online in under 10 minutes.

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    Note: If you are transferring your medical document from another licensed producer, please register online and simply contact your licensed producer to request a transfer.

    Any patient in Canada with a valid medical document can register and transfer to Shoppers. Contact Shoppers Cannabis Care at 1-844-633-2627 for any support along the way.

  2. How to get your medical document

    Speak to a healthcare professional, in person, or online, to see if medical cannabis is right for you.

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    Or, submit a Medical Document completed by your healthcare professional

    There are several ways to submit your medical document:

    • Drop it off at your local Shoppers pharmacy

    • Mail
      Send to Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.
      6941 Kennedy Rd, Unit 100
      Mississauga, ON L5T 2R6

    • Fax

      Your healthcare professional can fax it to 1-866-220-2627

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  3. Get verified to start shopping

    Once we've verified and approved your documents, you will be able to log in and start shopping.

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