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About dosist

dosist is a globally recognized company introducing a dose controlled cannabis experience. The company and its line of products is well-known in the United States (particularly in its home base of California), for its targeted formulas, proprietary award-winning dose controlled devices, rigorous testing, use of medical grade and recyclable materials, and its drive to provide consumers with a safe, natural and repeatable experience.

Formulations by dosist are controlled under rigorous quality specifications to contain the same amount of active ingredients in every formula. The company’s products are tested multiple times and lab-verified for the patient's peace of mind.

The cannabis oil used by dosist is extracted using CO2 extraction, and fractional distillation. dosist formulations contain only distilled cannabinoids and the natural plant based terpenes found in cannabis. Within their formulations, 90% is comprised of major cannabinoids THC and CBD as well as minor cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG. The remainder of the formulas consist of the natural terpene profiles developed by dosist to provide the greatest level of efficacy.

At no point in the formulation process does dosist utilize any cutting agents (such as Vitamin E acetate), emulsifiers or any synthetic agents that alter the pure cannabis oil and terpene formulation.

Each of the scientifically designed formulas by dosist is tested multiple times in the process of making them to check for pesticides, microbiological and residual solvents, as well as the consistent balance of cannabinoids and terpenes. Testing is completed after each of the four key stages of production including after primary extraction, after fractional distillation, after formulation and then after production batch testing. All batch test results are posted on line for patients to access.

About the dosist Dose Pen

Medical Cannabis by Shoppers is proud to be the exclusive medical channel for dosist dose pens in Canada, carrying the full line-up of dosist core formulas: bliss, calm, soothe, rest, arouse as well as the 3 new thc-plus formulas bliss thc-plus, arouse thc-plus and relax thc- plus.

The proprietary dose pen rechargeable and the disposable dose pen 100 by dosist are manufactured in a closed-loop system, meaning all components (device, battery, oil) are produced within a controlled environment, protecting against counterfeiting and tampering. Unlike many products on the market today, the dose pen was designed specifically to accurately and appropriately deliver targeted doses of cannabis oil. Using all medical grade and custom-designed components, the dose pen is the only device that delivers a metered and precise 2.5 mg dose with each activation.

Each dosist dose pen formulation is designed to deliver a specific experience. Each formula contains a proprietary blend of the active ingredients found in cannabis – cannabinoids and terpenes. Formulas by dosist are consistent to ensure a repeatable and predictable experience each and every time.

dosist recommends starting with a single dose and then waiting approximately 15 minutes before another dose. They also suggest limiting intake to 3 doses per hour to allow time to adjust to the recommended dosage.

After unboxing the dose pen, patients are recommended to find the end of the pen closest to the formula reservoir, and inhale normally for 3 seconds and until a slight vibration is felt. The vibration signals that one dose has been completed.

dosist disposable dose pens do not need to be charged. The battery is designed to deliver the full 100 doses per pen. Each dose delivers 2.5mg of targeted formulation.

The dose pen rechargeable system by dosist works by combining the dose controller (a rechargeable custom lithium-ion battery) with a dosist formula pod (a ceramic chamber pod containing 200 doses / 500mg of a targeted cannabis formulation) to create a rechargeable dose pen product experience. The formula pod works exclusively with the dose controller and connects via a custom magnetic hold using 24k gold electrical contacts for the most consistent and reliable power connection available. The dose controller and the dosist formula pod are sold separately.

The dosist formula pod is made from medical grade materials and each pod contains a specific dosist formula. The formula pod houses a ceramic wick for faster, more efficient saturation and a medical grade stainless steel coil for more even temperature ramp optimizing the cannabinoid use.

Temperature control is one of the most important features of the dose pen by dosist.  The dose pen was specifically designed for cannabis oil and tuned to effectively heat the cannabinoids and terpenes in each formulation at the appropriate temperature. During the dose pen’s three second dose, the device employs a controlled temperature ramp-up to 500 degrees to achieve maximum efficacy.

dosist recommends keeping the dose pen stored in a cool, dry place to ensure maximum performance over the life of the device and suggests avoiding storing the pen in a car or other locations with extreme heat (over 90 degrees Fahrenheit), as heat can compromise the battery life of the device.

Ingredients and terpene profiles are listed on the package of each of the pens and differs by formulation. Here are the terpene profiles for each formula:

  • bliss: Terpinolene, B-Caryophyllene, phytol, a-bisabolol, ocimene.

  • calm: B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene.

  • soothe: Terpinolene, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Farnesene.

  • rest: Limonene, Nerolidol, Myrcene, Linalool.

  • arouse: B-Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Linalool, alpha-Humulene, Limonene.

  • bliss thc-plus Terpinolene, B-Caryophyllene, phytol, a-bisabolol, ocimene.

  • arouse thc-plus: B-Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Linalool, alpha-Humulene, Limonene.

  • relax thc-plus: Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene.

Medical Cannabis by Shoppers is proud to carry the following dosist products, which you can purchase, and learn more about at the following links:

Q & A with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers

1. Where are you located? 

dosist Canada is based in Toronto and our LP’s facility is in Charlottetown PEI. 

2. Why do you work in this community? 

The dosist brand was launched in California in 2016 and in Canada in 2019 with the sole focus to provide a safe, predictable and repeatable cannabis experience that empowers consumers through reliable dose control.

3. Why is medical cannabis important to your organization? 

To empower patients and medical professionals with natural solutions and targeted results. 

Our proprietary technology provides users an exact measured dose of 2.5 mg of any of our 8 targeted formulas which use a blend of cannabinoids designed to provide a targeted result.

4. Are there any specific stories you can share about what inspired founders or leaders in your company to provide medical cannabis? 

At dosist our mission since day one is to empower consumers and patients to take control of their cannabis experience and achieve targeted results

5. Which awards, certifications, recognitions has your company/brand/individuals in your organization received? 

We are proud of the following recognitions: 

  • 2016 Time Magazine Best Invention

  • 2017 Fast Company World Changing Idea

  • 2017 Big Innovation Award

  • 2017 GQ Magazine’s Best Stuff

  • 2019 Linkedin Top Startups to Work For

  • 2020 Interbrands Breakthrough Brand

6. Which ‘firsts’ and other innovations is your company/brand proud of? 

We are the pioneers of dose controlled inhalable devices in the cannabis industry and the leader in targeted formulations across specific needs.  

7. How does your organization show leadership in support for fairness and equality?  

At dosist our values are deeply rooted in the pillars of inclusivity, equal opportunity, respect, and above all doing what is right and just. 

Internally, our makeup says everything about who we are, and we are proud of the passionate, talented and diverse employee group that we have brought together.  

We will continue to provide equal opportunities to all populations, while also continuing to build a safe, inclusive and supportive culture. 

Externally, it’s about our commitment to what we can do to impact the world. And while there are so many amazing and deserving programs, groups and causes, we are focused on criminal justice reform in cannabis. This is our purpose-driven work, and through our partnership with the Last Prisoner Project we are creating a program for investment, resources and advocacy to assist those who have been victims of the cannabis criminal system. This is the industry in which we exist and thrive, and this is its fundamental and structural problem, making it an important choice.

8. How does your organization show leadership in sustainable environmental practices? 

All dosist product outer packaging is made from post consumable materials and is 100% curbside recyclable. The dose pen 100 was designed so that as many of the components as possible can be fully recycled, reused or repurposed. This includes the medical grade plastic exterior, the battery that powers the device and other internal components like our custom microprocessor. 

dosist has a recycling program with participating retailer partners across Canada to provide access to recycling our disposable products safely. Further, in August 2020, dosist launched a sustainable, dose pen rechargeable device that will allow a customer to recharge and reuse their proprietary dose pen.

9. What initiatives are you implementing (or have implemented) to ensure diversity in leadership roles?

Our employee population is diverse across race, gender and orientation and our executive team includes people of colour and women. 

We celebrate and encourage diversity with our hiring practices at dosist and we were named #2 best startups to work for by LinkedIn in 2019.

10. How do you ensure that your products are safe and high quality for patients? 

Our formulas undergo multiple lab tests throughout production to ensure they are always safe, precise and contaminant free and we post the results of each batch online for consumers to see.  Patients can enter the batch code from their specific dosist product and see the results.

11. What sets your products apart from competitive products and why should this matter to patients and consumers?

dosist is a proprietary device that provides an exact dose of 2.5mg of a targeted dosist formula when used. Precision dose control sets dosist apart from other brands by taking the guess work out of the cannabis experience.

12. Which of your products have had the most interest? 

For us what drives the most interest is our product platform and innovation. We pioneered dose controlled cannabis technology and are the leaders in natural quality of life need-state formulations, and it is that critical combination that makes us a sought after brand for servicing patients naturally. 

Our best selling product in Canada is calm by dosist. This is a CBD forward formula with a ratio of 1:6 THC to CBD. It provides users with a feeling of calm and relaxation without the intoxicating affects of THC. Other leading medical formulas are soothe 2:1 THC:CBD designed to ease the body and rest 8:1 THC to CBD designed to help you feel rested and refreshed.

13.  What are the growing practices for your flower, and what kind of extraction methods do you use for your formulations? 

We source all flower from Canada through our LP Dosecann. We use a CO2 extraction method.

14. How do you source your ingredients?

Our active ingredients in cannabis (THC/ CBD) are sourced in Canada through Dosecann. Our terpene blend are 100% natural and sourced from botanical plants in California.

15. Which specific products or processes are your most innovative or unique and why?

Our dose pens continue to lead innovation within the inhalable category with precise dose control of our formulas. Our 8 formulas are unique in that they are formulated to achieve a targeted result such as rest, calm and soothe and designed to address a patient’s needs versus being identified by a particular strain like sativa or indica which doesn’t help a patient easily identify what experience they can expect.

16. Tell us about any collaborations you have been (or currently are part of) with researchers, clinicians, scientists to help advance cannabis medical research.

 Below is the timeline of dosist key research and development milestones:

  • 2015: Co-founder Jason DeLand studies the anthropology of cannabis and discovers humans have used cannabis for specific needs across time, geography and culture.

  • 2015:  dosist dives onto the physiology of the human endocannabinoid system, the system that is responsible for regulating homeostasis at the cellular level in the human body. This work reveals that the therapeutic actions of all cannabinoids are in direct proportion to how cannabinoids agonize and antagonize CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

  • 2015: dosist pattern matches those needs and authors an innovation strategy based on the 10 human need states that cannabis serves. 

  • 2015: dosist creates dozens of different precise formulations from isolated THC, CBD and accessory cannabinoids and terpenoids. 

  • 2016: dosist tests those formulations with hundreds of consumers in California. Critically, they discover that dosage is just as vital as formulation. Precision in formulation and dosage is the justification of the product platform for dosist.

  • 2016: dosist invents a dosage-control system and obtains a design and utility patent for an airflow activated, flex circuit heat ramp, haptic feedback system called the dose-pen. 

  • 2016: dosist commercializes 4 need state products in a precise 2.25 Mg dose of ratio cannabinoids and botanical terpenes.

  • 2016: dosist develop a 4 tier testing SOP system that ensures our products are 100% clean.

  • 2018: dosist develops a research tract to understand the impact of cannabinoids on athletes and discovers that the accessory cannabinoids of CGC and CBG are powerful anti-inflammatory cannabinoids.  

  • 2018: dosist develops a self-micro-emulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDS) dissolvable tablet bringing sublingual mural bio availability in a precision need state dose controlled product called the dose-tablet.

  • 2019: dosist invents a proprietary nano-emulsification process for sublingual dose controlled oil in THC Free and THC need states.

  • 2020: dosist develops THC plus product line because we learned that the tolerance of the endocannabinoid system is parabolic and more frequent consumers may require slightly higher contents of THC. When potency increases dosage becomes even more important.

  • 2020:  dosist creates a scientific advisory board. The science chair is a PHD in neuroscience from an ivy league university and is one of the most credentialed experts in cannabinoid sciences in the world today. 

  • 2020: Research is beginning on a deeper understanding of how cannabinoids interact with the human endocannabinoid system. This research is centered around the principle that everyone has an ECS and the “tone” of an ECS may be categorized into 4 areas: balanced, upregulated, downregulated or chaotic. Depending on the type of tone a human has, they will react differently to cannabinoids. 

  • 2020: dosist partners exclusively with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers

  • 2020: dosist partners with Shoppers and University Health Network (UHN) on the Medical Cannabis Real-World Evidence clinical trial, studying the effects of fully validated cannabis product on sleep, anxiety and depression. 

 17. What are future products are you working on? 

dosist Canada is actively working on bringing dosist edibles and thc free formulations to the Canadian market in the near future.

 18.  Tell us about any work you have done to help patients on the advocacy front.

dosist is proud to be a partner of the Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to bring restorative justice to the cannabis industry. 

19.  Are there any specific stories you can share (no names needed) about patients your organization has made a difference to? 

Not a day goes by where we don’t hear life-changing stories from our customers. dosist is helping people discover cannabis in a new way and utilize it as a safe, non-toxic, natural solution, and this continues to keep us motivated every single day. 

20.  How do you support (or plan on supporting) issues of affordability, and access within your own business practices? 

dosist has instituted a compassionate pricing program with Shoppers where our products are offered at an even more accessible price point for cannabis patients.

21.What else would you like to share with the Shoppers community? 

Since inception in 2016, dosist has re-defined many of the codes and stereotypes that have historically characterized cannabis usage. 

Supported by award-winning products and global recognition from companies like Time and Fast Company, we have positioned dosist as a leading brand focused on the needs of consumers. 

We are a leader in need-state based formulations and dose-controlled products and have reached consumers with cannabis in a whole new way. We are proud to be a part of the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers offering and look forward to bringing our proprietary dose controlled products and natural formulas to Shoppers patients across the country.

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