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About Radient BioU

Edmonton Alberta-based Radient Technologies is the company behind the line-up of BioU Uspray products available at Medical Cannabis by Shoppers. 

The company creates high quality cannabis products using proprietary technologically and advanced extraction techniques that have been refined through 20 years of scientific development. 

Radient was formed in 2001, with a research scientist who had a vision to create the world’s most efficient method of extracting essential ingredients from plants. 

In 2005 they signed their first supply agreement, with a US-based biopharmaceutical company. 

Radient continued to make technological advances which led to the creation of proprietary extraction technology. Along the way the company has filed over 60 US patent applications. As they say, “not only did we perfect the science, we discovered it.”

Radient BioU Products

Radient is not a well-known cannabis brand amongst consumers as they usually operate behind the scenes, manufacturing products on behalf of other producers (including their well-known partner, and Edmonton-neighbor, Aurora Cannabis). 

However, exclusive to Medical Cannabis by Shoppers, Radient has developed and launched a line-up of cannabis oil sprays, under the brand name BioU.

The first products released under the BioU label are the Uspray series of high quality, scientifically formulated oral cannabis sprays. 

Three formulations are available to Medical Cannabis by Shoppers patients - a THC dominant formula, a CBD dominant formula and a balanced THC/CBD formula.  

All bioU products have been designed by Radient to retain cannabinoids and terpenes while providing high levels of purity and consistency. Radient’s unique, continuous-flow extraction process has been shown in validated third party testing to achieve a high recovery of active compounds from the cannabis plant - up to 99%. 

Take a look at Radient BioU’s growing line-up of products, featuring these exclusive products:

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Q & A with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers

1. Where are you located? Why do you work in this community?

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta. Radient had an extraction facility and research lab located in Edmonton that was originally being used for high quality natural products and ingredients in the health and wellness markets.

2. Why is medical cannabis important to your organization?

Radient was founded by scientists and has a core belief that medical products need to be safe, consistent, and high quality.  The Radient team has spent 20 years perfecting technology that is able to produce the highest quality of products from natural sources.  We strongly believe and support research and standardization needed to give confidence to medical professionals and patients.     

3. Are there any specific stories you can share about what inspired founders or leaders in your company to provide medical cannabis? 

Radient saw a need for a better method of extraction in cannabis products.  The majority of extraction equipment originally available was being adapted from the illicit market and was designed for small scale production.  Radient had already developed large scale extraction technnology as well as extensive formulation capabilities.  

4. Which ‘firsts’ or other innovations is your company/brand proud of?

Radient uses its own proprietary extraction equipment, which reduces the time of the process, increases the recovery of desired compounds and minimizes damage to the material.  We have 60 provisional patents filed covering our technology, processes and formulations.

5. How does your organization show leadership in support for fairness and equality?  

Radient actively recruits its talent from a wide variety of sources to ensure we have the best people.  We then support those people to reach their full potential. Our leadership team is diverse from the Board of Directors down to the management level.

6. How does your organization show leadership in sustainable environmental practices? 

As a science driven company, Radient seeks to increase efficiency and reduce waste wherever possible.  Our extraction system is designed for large scale, to decrease resources needed per unit of production.  Our goal is to continue to decrease our resource intensity – from water, to electricity, to waste.

7. What initiatives are you implementing (or have implemented) to ensure diversity in leadership roles?

Radient’s current board and leadership includes a diverse group representing many groups, and we are actively recruiting to ensure that we have proper representation of all groups within each department and at all levels of the organization.  

8. How do you ensure that your products are safe and high quality for patients?

Radient products undergo significant internal and third party testing through all stages of development and production.  Radient has a stand alone laboratory licensed by Health Canada for R&D.  The 18,000 square foot lab is home to 30 scientists and state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

Radient is also part of the TruTrace tracking initiative supported by Shoppers.  Our products have undergone additional testing to ensure consistency, along with cannabinoid and terpene profiles.  The information is uploaded to the TruTrace platform to be shared with healthcare practitioners and patients.    

9. What sets your products apart from competitive products and why should this matter to patients and consumers?

Radient’s proprietary technology produces extremely high levels of consistency and stability.  Our process limits human intervention and batch to batch variations, providing patients with a repeatable experience with each dose.

10. Which of your products have had the most interest from patients and healthcare providers and why? 

bioU is Radient’s first consumer product.  For the past 20 years the company has been focused on providing the finest ingredients to global companies.  Our ingredient first approach means that our money has been spent on what’s inside the bottle and not on marketing the label.

11. How do you source your ingredients? 

Radient is able to source biomass from a variety of sources.  Unlike large LPs who source only from their own inventory, Radient can purchase from and work with all licensed cultivators to find the best inputs for each product.  

12. Which specific products or processes are your most innovative or unique and why?

We have allocated significant resources to innovative products and are looking forward to releasing them in the near future.  Our product development capabilities have been hidden for too long and we are planning for the release of unique products under several categories.

13. Tell us about any collaborations you have been (or currently are part of) with researchers, clinicians, scientists to help advance cannabis medical research.

Radient is excited to be part of the real world evidence study launched by the University Health Network in partnership with Shoppers.

Radient also announced a collaboration with two US based groups to explore anti-viral drugs using cannabinoids as a means of preventing infection of coronavirus, mitigating the symptoms of coronavirus, and lowering infectiousness of Covid-19 patients, with the goal of reducing hospitalizations and intensive care unit requirements.

14. What are future products are you working on?

Radient has developed formulations that cover water soluble products, powders, topicals, beverages and edibles.  We expect to launch vape products in the near future.