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Frequently Asked Questions: Veterans


Do you assist veterans with direct billing?

Yes, the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ team is pleased to offer the Shoppers Red Poppy Program, which provides support to veterans that require medical cannabis by direct billing to Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) on your behalf. We will continue to direct bill all orders to Medavie Blue Cross and absorb the cost difference on all orders, at no expense to you.

Veteran Affairs Canada provides coverage for up to 3 grams per day (or 90 grams per month), or the equivalent amount, at $8.50 per gram.

Do you cover costs of orders for veterans while waiting for a response from Veterans Affairs Canada?

Yes, we offer Good Faith Coverage (GFC) on a case-by-case basis for the first 30 days while we wait for a response from VAC regarding your coverage. Under Good Faith Coverage, we may cover up to $8.50 per gram, up to a maximum of 3 grams per day (90 grams per month), for a 30-day period, if applicable.

In general, to qualify for GFC, you must not have placed an order with another licensed producer within the last 30 calendar days. To be considered for GFC, please submit a copy of your Blue Cross Card and Summary of Assessment to us via fax (1-866-220-2627), e-mail ( or mail to:

Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.
6941 Kennedy Rd, Unit 100

Mississauga, ON L5T 2R6

I’m currently registered at another licensed producer, how can I be set up for VAC coverage and purchase from Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™?

You can begin purchasing medical cannabis from us in two ways:

  1. To register your entire medical cannabis authorization with us, please contact your current licensed producer to request a transfer and ask them to fax your medical document and registration document to us at 1-866-220-2627.

  2. To add us as one of your current licensed producers, contact your healthcare provider or clinic and request that they issue you a new medical document and send it to us. You can request that they add us to your file and have them send your medical document by fax to 1-866-220-2627.

Please also fax a copy of your Blue Cross card to us at 1-866-220-2627, or via e-mail ( If you would like to be considered for Good Faith Coverage (GFC), please send us a copy of your summary of assessment from Veterans Affairs. For more information about the summary of assessment, or how to obtain a copy of this document, please contact Veterans Affairs Canada.  In general, to qualify for GFC, you must not have placed an order with another licensed producer within the last 30 calendar days.

Are vaporizers available to purchase and covered through Veteran Affairs Canada?

Yes, funding for vaporizers for inhaled medical cannabis is available through VAC. Veterans can claim $300 for a vaporizer device every 3 years under VAC (unless otherwise specified by Veteran Affairs Canada). To order a vaporizer, you must be pre-authorized by VAC. If you are interested in a vaporizer, we can help by reaching out to VAC to request authorization of a vaporizer product for you. Connect with our Shoppers Cannabis Care via web chat or call us at 1-844-633-2627.

How are the prescription period allowance start dates calculated and when do the periods reset?

The start date of your first prescription period allowance is determined by the anticipated delivery date of your first order. Every subsequent period is calculated 30-days relative to this first start date. The end date of the medical document does not change though, so you may find that the final period has less than 30 days.  Please note that since not all months have exactly 30 days, the prescription period allowance reset date may not be the same calendar day every month. 

Anything extra purchased outside of the allocation per period will not be covered. Both the order date AND the estimated delivery date of your order must fall within the same prescription period for it to be covered within that period. If the estimated delivery date falls within the next period, the allowance will be subtracted from the next period’s allocation.

What is a medical allotment deduction?

A medical allotment deduction is the number of grams will be deducted from your authorized amount when you purchase a product. For dried cannabis flower, 1g dried flower is equal to 1g Medical Allotment Deduction.

Gram for gram, products such as edibles, oils, creams, and vapes have a greater concentration of cannabis than flower does, so they are assigned a medical allotment deduction greater than their physical weight based on their concentration and cannabinoid content. This equivalent amount makes up the medical allotment deduction.

I see on the website I can order up to 150g at once, will I be fully covered for this?

The previous Canadian medical cannabis legislation, called Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), included a “30-day limit rule”, meaning a federally licensed seller could not dispense to a patient more than 30 times the daily prescribed quantity in a 30-day period, and no more than 150 grams of product at any one time. This rule was removed from the Cannabis Act to ensure there is no disruption in your supply of medicine.

In compliance with the Cannabis Act, we removed the 30-day limit, meaning there is no longer a limit on the amount of cannabis you can purchase in a 30-day period. Registered patients can now purchase up to 150 grams (or the equivalent) of medical cannabis per order. There is no limit to how many 150-gram orders you can place.

If you are eligible for reimbursement coverage, there may still be monthly or yearly limits. Anything purchased outside of your reimbursement limits will require payment out of pocket.

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