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Frequently Asked Questions: Products


What medical cannabis products do you offer?

The Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ platform carries a wide variety of different formats of medical cannabis to suit your unique needs. We are partnered with over 35 licensed producers to offer a large selection of medical cannabis products, including dried flowers, oils, soft gels, vapes, topicals (creams and gels), edibles and concentrates, along with a selection of accessories to help you utilize your medicine effectively.

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How do I choose a medical cannabis product?

Your healthcare provider can help you choose the medical cannabis products that are right for you. If you need assistance, contact us via web chat, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

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How is the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ platform different from other Licensed Producers?

We are partnered with over 35 licensed producers to offer patients a large selection of medical cannabis products. Your registration with us gives you easy access to dozens of brands, without the need to obtain multiple documents from your health care practitioner or go through the registration process for separate websites. 

Our Shoppers Cannabis Care Team is here to assist you on everything - product selection, dosing, and technical support. Also, you can access our cannabis-trained pharmacists to provide you with answers on any clinical questions.

When will a product come back into stock and can I be notified?

We work hard to keep our website updated and keep your preferred products in stock. If you are looking for a product that is out of stock, please contact us and we can place you on a callback list to notify you when the product returns to stock.  You may also wish to follow us on our social media channels where we highlight back-in-stock options.

If you're looking for suitable alternatives to a product, we can help!  Please contact us using our convenient web chat feature, or by phone, so that our Shoppers Cannabis Care Team can suggest similar options that meet your needs.

Why does my package list a different gram equivalency than what is listed on the website?

Health Canada requires all cannabis products be labelled with a gram equivalent to dried cannabis material. The value listed on the package is related to possession limits: which is the amount of cannabis in grams you can legally possess in public at any time.

Gram for gram, products such as edibles, oils, creams, and vapes have a greater concentration of cannabis than flower does, so they are assigned a medical allotment deduction greater than their physical weight based on their concentration and cannabinoid content.

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