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(18+ in Alberta & 21+ in Québec)

If you are a patient registered with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers but under the legal age in your province, click here.

Can cannabis help with your accident?

We are here to support motor vehicle accident patients

Direct Billing to Auto Insurers

Once approved for coverage, the HelloMD and Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ team will handle all purchases and billing through your insurance coverage. No out-of-pocket expenses for patients.

MVA Care Team

MVA patients approved for insurance coverage will have a designated case manager who will help them understand the medical cannabis treatment recommendations. Your case manager will help you determine what products to try, dosing, etc., they will also complete all your medication orders for you. They will be your designated caregiver and will help you navigate your medical cannabis treatment with monthly check-ins and ensure you never run out of medication.

Convenient Access & Quality Cannabis

We currently offer products from 35 different licensed producers. Your medical document gives you access to all available formulations, including oils, soft gels, oral sprays, topicals, edibles, concentrates, vape pens and cartridges.

Shoppers Cannabis Care Team

All MVA patients receive a free one on one consultation with an Expert Cannabis Trained Pharmacist to review their current medications, discuss treatment goals and receive guidance on product selection and dose titration. In addition, the Shoppers Cannabis Care team is also made up of Cannabis Care Advisors that can assist with any inquires you may have.

Connect with our customer service team to understand if you are eligible for medical cannabis treatment for your MVA.

Helping you uncomplicate cannabis treatment.

We are collaborating with HelloMD, a medical cannabis clinic with the ability to direct bill automobile insurers in Ontario.

If you are a seeking assistance with obtaining medical cannabis coverage from your automobile accident in Ontario, please visit the website.

Ready to get started?

Follow these five simple steps.


Register and schedule an appointment with HelloMD.

To submit an OCF18 on your behalf, HelloMD will need to assess you for medical cannabis treatment.

Get Started

Fill out the intake form and provide your supporting medical documentation

Fill in the intake form for HelloMD so that they have all the details related to your accident, insurance and symptoms.

By providing your medical documentation around previous diagnosis, assessments,etc., HelloMD will be able to assess your needs for medical cannabis treatment.


Complete a consultation

You will be assessed for medical cannabis treatment specifically related to the symptoms/injuries that are on-going and may be limiting your quality of life.


Submit an OCF18

Once your supporting documents have been provided and your consultation is complete, the HelloMD team will create a treatment plan for your review and signature. This will be submitted to your Insurer for approval.


You’re approved. Now what?

If approved for coverage, the HelloMD team will assign a case manager to work with you for the duration of your treatment plan. They will help answer your cannabis questions, provide dosing guidelines, help you choose your product and monitor your progress. They will even handle all your purchases for you – so no out of pocket expense!

Get Started